08 January 2012

Glutinous Flour Gelatinesed Bread With Beef and Potato Filling

Amboiii tajuk....tak bleh blah punya panjang...nak buat macamana...dah mmg tuh tajuk asal dia...tak bleh la kita nak cipta atau reka len....nanti kena saman....gelatinesed tuh sama la istilah dia dgn water roux tuh...cuma kali neh kita guna tepung pulut campur sket tepung high protein...tuh yang jadi glutinous...sbb guna tepung pulut...intinya pulak ikut suka tuan2 dan puan2 la..nka letak sweet boleh..savoury lagiii boleh...saya letak inti daging dan kentang....

Hasil tak payah cakap banyak...meh kita tengok resepi...ehh lupa plak...resepi diambil dari kristygourmet...

Ingredients for glutinous flour gelatinesed:-
4 tbsp glutinous rice flour 

6 tbsp water 
3/4 cup bread flour 

Method : 
(1) combine glutinous rice flour and water, mix well. 
(2) heat the mixture over low heat until thicken, off the heat immediately once the mixture started to thicken and keep stirring until it turns gluey. 
(3) stir in flour gradually and mix to form a dough. 
(4) then leave to cool before adding into the main ingredients

Ingredients of Main Dough : 

2 eggs, beaten 
1/2 cup water 
2 tspn honey 

1 tbsp yeast 
5 tbsp sugar 
1/2 tspn salt 
4 tbsp milk powder 
2-1/2 cup bread flour 

40gm cold butter, cubed 
1 tbsp corn oil 

Method : 
(1) combine ingredients (A) & gelatinised dough pieces into ingredients (B), mix to form a soft dough. 
(2) then add in ingredients (C) and knead till the side of mixing bowl is clean. 
(3) leave the dough to rest for an hour or untill double in size. 
(4) punch to knead out the air and must be handle with care cause the dough is pretty sticky. Dust on extra flour if needed. 
(5) then divide dough into 20 equal portion and fill with any desired filling 
(6) sealed and place them to a 5x9" tray with butter coating. 
(7) again let to rest for another one hour or untill double it's size. 
(8) brush on egg glazing and sprinkle the top with sesame seeds. < tak glaze ngan eggs pn dan x sprinkle apa2
(9) bake at preheated oven 175-180'C for about 20 mins or untill golden brown. 
(10) leave to cool complete before serving.

>> spt biasa, saya guna BM...


nuwairani ismail said...

resepi yg dlm base omputeh ni la yg tak berapa nak paham ni kalau baca...adeh1

Mak Qis said...

nani...sila ambek kamus hahahaha